Monday, February 1, 2010


Presidential Order 13303: Allows US Citizens to invest in the New Iraq . Under this Order and the Coalition Provisional Government Order 39, a US citizen has the same rights to investments as an Iraqi citizen

Ramai yang bertanya siapakah pembeli dinar yang teramai. Jawabnya ialah rakyat Amerika sendiri. Bukan sahaja induvidu tetapi syarikat public listed pun menyimpannya sebagai reserve. Oleh kerana wang dinar ini belum diapunglan di pasaran, pihak berkuasa Amerkia terpaksa meluluskan lesen kepada syarikat tertentu untuk menjual dinar Iraq secara rasmi di Amerika. Pokoknya rakyat Amerika terlalu yakin dengan kenaikan dinar.
Mereka tidak mahu terlepas peluang seperti mana yang terjadi keatas dinar Kuwait.
Simpan dinar iraq dan tunggu sahaja kenaikannya.
Tunggulah kelahiran jutawan senyap versi abad 21. Ha.. ha...

Why the New Iraqi Dinar?

In the 1990's, when Iraq was a leader in its region, every 1 Iraqi Dinar was worth an outstanding $3.20 USD (U.S. Dollar). At that exchange rate, the 25,000 New Iraqi Dinar note would have been worth $80,000.00 USD! Since the capture of Saddam Hussein, the economy of Iraq has nearly doubled in value. In the eyes of many investors, the New Iraqi Dinar will only rise in value as well. Iraq sits upon a lake of oil, and its reserves are sufficient to feed the needs of the world for decades to come. We believe, as do many other investors, that there is great potential for this country to expand economically. We invite you to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The United States Department of Treasury has a strict policy regarding the New Iraqi Dinar and is working with the Iraqi government to reinstate a strong decentralized banking system in the nation. In December 2004, six western banks were operating in Iraq, and six Iraqi banks were in operation outside the country. In March of 2005, three banks were given license to operate in Iraq: The National Bank of Kuwait, HSBC Bank, and Charter Bank of England. An estimated 33 billion dollars have already been collected for the process of reconstruction of Iraq, and companies like Coca-Cola, Chevron, Texaco, and Alabama Blount 4 Inc., are investing!


  1. Ada news 3 minggu lagi nak RV,betul ke ?

  2. Sape2 brmnt nk memiliki or beli dinar iraq col/wasup/sms 0127654748..kita citer..